Frequently Asked Questions

One of the beautiful things about competition is that the best are always challenged to be better. I believe the only real competition I have is my self, as today I’m a better therapist than when I started

Absolutely yes. Techniques can be more effective through direct skin contact because your therapist can feel skin tone and directly manipulate the muscles’ origins and insertions, However, any good massage therapist should be able to create body-state change regardless of the number of clothes you leave on.

Relaxation should be the major effect on the body. Some people experience what we call a rub-down brain, meaning it’s possible you might feel light and a little disoriented so it’s recommended that you dedicate some time to integrating your session.

This is a very important question that all therapists struggle to answer. Due to the limitations of our scope of practice, we cannot prescribe a specific amount. Roberto always starts by asking, “what is your body asking for?” Many people report feeling really thirsty after, so listen to your body.

Homeostasis is directly connected with the relaxed state of the brain. Roberto’s recommendation is that you plan to take it easy after your session. Planning a rest period would be ideal so the work can sink in

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