About your therapist

My name is Roberto Alvarado, LMT i graduated from Cortiva massage institute in Seattle.

Born in Acapulco Mexico. I have raised my three kids full-time the last seven years. Our cat name is Costmos.

I have called Seattle home for the last 7 years. I fell in love with the mountains and feeling rooted here.

My passion for massage stems from my own relationship with degenerative scoliosis developed from childhood injuries. My recovery led me to realize that in order to improve my body mobility and reduce pain I’d have to gradually develop sustainable self-care and habits.

My practice is very intentional so you will not be getting the same massage someone else got because “it’s my routine.” I will take the time to learn about your medical conditions, body posture, areas of tension, breath flow, and somatic response. I will often make recommendations to complement my work after your session that are within my scope of practice.

I’m a firm believer that taking care of our bodies is a matter of everyday- moment to moment decisions. Our bodies carry us through this beautiful, unpredictable, exciting and often painful experience of life. I believe all is part of the human experience. And it all serves a unique purpose.

Breathe In.. Breathe Out..